3 people afraid of the dentist

Sedation Dentistry

Afraid of the Dentist?

Once you’ve experienced sedation dentistry, you’ll probably never be afraid to go to the dentist again.Many people fear going to the dentist. We understand. Our sedation dentistry team provides a relaxed and comfortable – and pain-free – new smile in only a session or two. Sedation dentistry is the most common method used in the United States to calm a patients fears. It’s easy, and best of all does NOT involve needles.Oral dental sedation creates a comfortable experience, and most patients do don’t even remember the visit; it is as if they slept through the treatment. Actually, sedation dentistry maintains a level of consciousness in the patient for both safety and communication between the dentist and patient.Although some forms of sedation (such as nitrous oxide gas) may raise your threshold for pain, most dental treatments still require a local anesthetic injected in the mouth, even when sedation dentistry techniques are performed.Virtually any procedure can be done using Sedation Dentistry – anxiety-free, safe, and comfortable. Call us if you have any other questions concerning Sedation Dentistry! 631-675-9007